Carol Roth: Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everyone

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Carol Roth


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Wall St For Main St welcome Carol Roth, who is an entrepreneur, small business advocate, New York Times best selling author and radio host. She is also a judge on TBS America’s Greatest Makers which had their season premiere last week.

Go to her web site at to find out more about her work!

In this podcast, we looked at how small business owners and entrepreneurs has fared since the 2008 financial crisis. Small business is the backbone of the economy and many argued that it has not picked up since the recovery. We also discussed why the 2016 presidential candidates do not give enough attention to the small business owners. Instead, they are giving them a hard time with regulations and taxes.

Finally, Carol will share her insight to why entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as people think it is and not everyone should become one. But just in case you do decide to become an entrepreneur, she will also tell us her advice. Plus much more!

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