Dr. Kent Moors: OPEC Sovereign Wealth Funds Shorting Oil

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Dr. Kent Moors

Dr Kent Moors

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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, oil and energy expert Dr. Kent Moors.

Dr. Moors has over 30 years of experience working in the oil and energy industries in many different positions as well as a consultant for big oil companies, oil producing countries, etc.

He’s invited to important oil meetings in London, Dubai, etc.

During this 40+ minute discussion about the oil market, Dr. Moors says there’s absolutely ZERO evidence that oil demand has collapsed but rather that there’s a small over supply of oil and he also drops a bombshell that the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia and other key OPEC countries have been shorting the paper oil price to try and bankrupt higher cost and debt laden US shale oil producers so OPEC and the Saudis can regain market share.

Wall St then jumped on the trade on the short side and is convinced that oil will go much lower from these levels. Dr. Moors thinks many higher cost, bad balance sheet oil producers can survive maybe another 3 months of low prices before there’s supply problems.

Dr. Moors also reveals how many US shale oil producers were financed with similar collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) to sub prime housing!

Oil demand is still also strong with 3% growth in car sales in China (down from 7% projected car sales growth which would have meant 25 million new cars on the road in 2015 in China alone) along with around 75 million new cars being added to the global fleet in 2015.

Here’s his latest free article on the oil market from last week:…

He also has a paid oil and energy newsletter.

The oil market is extensively discussed in great detail in this podcast along with natural gas.

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