Welcome to Dystopia Episode 10: Crony Capitalists/Warmongers of the World, Unite!!

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Welcome to Dystopia

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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and independent financial journalist and managing editor of The News Doctors, Eric Dubin are back for Episode #10 of the Welcome to Dystopia podcast!

This is a long episode over 90 minutes.

In this episode, Jason and Eric discuss:

1) Glencore, base metals collapsing and emerging markets potentially collapsing

2) China globalizing the Yuan even more with another new infrastructure system for the next global financial system…

3) Deutche Bank…

4) The CME permanently banning 3 small HFT traders for manipulating gold and silver markets…

5) The current bear market rally in stocks and how it probably won’t last and how capital is being rotated into gold and silver stocks

Jason and Eric also discuss the Doctors Without Borders being bombed in Afghanistan after the US military built the building.

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