Welcome to Dystopia Episode 2 (with Eric Dubin): When Will the SHTF?

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Jason Burack and Eric Dubin were back for another podcast of their new show covering markets, current events and political corruption.

They have decided to name this new show, Welcome to Dystopia. Jason and Eric talk about Dystopia, what it means, its different scenarios, and how the title is mean to be funny and sarcastic.

Jason and Eric discuss what they hope to do what the podcast, why the title makes sense and they have a new contest for creative and artistic listeners.

Please create a new Welcome to Dystopia logo we can use for podcast backgrounds and possibly t shirts down the line.

Maybe we can have the “Welcome to Dystopia” catch phrase become popular and used in everyday like like “Who is John Galt?” was used in the dystopian US in Atlas Shrugged.

Jason and Eric answer a listener question about when the SHTF (shit will hit the fan) and what signs can we tell that something major is coming in the next 1-3 months?

Jason and Eric also discuss whether Greece will default or whether the banks holding Greece’s debt or derivatives based on Greece will be bailed out instead?

Jason and Eric also discuss other topics including George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the Cyber Security breaches at the IRS and the federal government.

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