Julia Tourianski: State Control Perpetually Increasing Until Collapse

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Julia Tourianski

Julia Tourianski

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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, Julia Tourianski. Julia runs the website Brave the World and is an active anti-state propagandist and proponent of Bitcoin.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Julia about her background growing up in the Soviet Union in Russia before moving to Canada. Julia talks about her life in the Soviet Union, the problems with socialism and how she sees so much corruption in the US.

Jason asks Julia about Canada and how Canada is copying the US and becoming a police state. Julia talks about how Canada is basically a lap dog of the US.

Jason asks Julia why countries like the US are adapting more big government and socialist/fascist/totalitarian control over their population’s lives when former Soviet Union countries have abandoned communism and socialism.

Next, Jason asks Julia how she found Bitcoin and became a proponent of using and owning Bitcoin. Julia found Bitcoin using the Silk Road and then she learned Austrian School Economics from Mises Canada and on her own.

Jason and Julia discuss what Wall St embracing Bitcoin could mean.

Finally, to wrap up the show Jason asks Julia why there aren’t more women Libertarians? Julia has some very interesting ideas on the topic.

Julia thinks governments like the US will keep growing bigger and bigger until they can’t adapt anymore then they will eventually collapse and die.

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