Manipulations Always End

Jason Burack had on first time guest money manager and author Willem Middelkoop Willem correctly predicted the 2009-2009 financial crisis in advance. Willem also started a bullion company in Europe and quickly grew its sales to ~$100 million Euros before he sold the company in 2011 and he currently runs the Commodity Discovery Fund which invests in resource companies.

During this 25+ minute interview, Jason asks Willem about why the ECB did QE and violated its mandate. Willem thinks more QE will come from the ECB and that it was a bailout to save European banks and European governments as well as to lower the value of the Euro to help exporters.

Surprisingly, Willem thinks both Greece and Germany will stay in the Euro.

Jason asks Willem if he thinks central banks in the US, Japan and Euro are constantly speaking with each other and coordinating their action? Willem thinks central banks are colluding with each other and taking turns.

Willem thinks by 2020 most of the cumbersome debt in the US, Japan and Europe will be forced to be restructured by the market instead of full hyperinflation to inflate away the value of all debt in nominal terms.

Next, Jason asks Willem about the oil market. WIllem thinks it’s a good time to buy oil investments and he is convinced the oil price was intentionally manipulated down to these levels as part of financial warfare against Russia by the US and Saudis. Willem thinks oil prices will rebound to $60-80/barrel range sometime in 12-18 months.

To finish up the interview Jason and Willem discuss gold, gold mining, gold price manipulation (Willem has an entire chapter in his book talking about gold manipulation) and what the next global economic system may look like?

WIllem predicts the gold market manipulation will end soon just like how the London Gold Pool of the 1960s eventually ended. Willem thinks the Chinese will initially approve of the IMF’s SDR and allow its usage for at least a few years as a stopgap measure.

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