Michael Lebowitz: Has the Devaluation Carousel Come Off its Tracks?

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Michael Lebowitz


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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on first time guest, the founder and managing partner of 720 Global, Michael Lebowitz, CFA. (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Michael’s articles appear on Zero Hedge and he has previously worked in the financial industry trading bonds and derivatives at Fannie Mae for 15 years including during the 2008 financial crisis and he also ran a very successful investment firm for 8 years.

During this 30+ minute interview, Jason asks Michael about his recent articles that have appeared on Zero Hedge about share buybacks. Michael calls them fraudulent.

Jason and Michael discuss all the misallocations of capital in the economy.

Jason and Michael have a long discussion about the current macroeconomic situation, deflation, inflation and currency wars.

Michael is more of a deflationist right now although Jason got him to admit his bills are rising on many everyday items along with his property taxes.

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Michael would investors should be doing right now to protect themselves?

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