Wealth Watchman: Paper Gold, Silver Ratios Getting More & More Absurd!

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Wealth Watchman

Wealth Watchman

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Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, gold and silver expert, The Wealth Watchman

The Watchman has a popular and rapidly growing You Tube channel with his videos about the gold and silver markets that can be found here:…

During this 35+ minute interview, Jason asks Watchman about why China has decided to stop reporting Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) withdrawal data according to precious metals expert Koos Jansen of Bullion Star…

Watchman thinks China doesn’t want the world (the West) having a good idea exactly how much physical gold it’s importing so it halted the data. He thinks China wants to keep covertly/discreetly accumulating a lot more physical metals. Jason and Watchman also discuss China’s plans to start buying up gold miners.

Next, Jason asks Watchman about the ridiculous paper:metal ratios at the COMEX that keep becoming more and more absurd!…

Watchman thinks before the COMEX, LBMA and manipulation of gold and silver markets breaks that the ratios could go over 1k or 2k to one!

Jason then asks Watchman how he thinks the manipulation will end? Watchman agrees with Jason that gold miners, silver miners and base metal miners that produce a large amount of silver as a by-product will force the people manipulating gold and silver to let prices go higher or supply will become very scarce.

Quality primary silver miners like Endeavour Silver have recently announced they will finally cut production:…

To wrap up the interview, Watchman tells Jason that the COMEX is started to bleed silver and Jason tells Watchman that the LBMA recently lost 1000 tons of gold

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