Welcome to Dystopia Episode 3 (with Eric Dubin): Rise of the Robots & Automation

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In this episode, Jason and Eric Dubin go in depth about robotics and automation and Martin Ford’s new book on the subject, Rise of the Robots is talked about extensively. The book, Rise of the Robots, may be purchased here:… or on audio book on Audible.

Additional references about automation and robotics used or talked about in this podcast include:…………

Many more academic white papers available on the subject, just Google ” jobs lost to robots statistics.”

Also, take a look at the short You Tube documentary on robots and automation, Humans Need Not Apply.

Jason and Eric extensively discuss robotics, why robots are improving so quickly now compared to decades past, what industries they might disrupt first and how to protect yourself from losing your income to automation and robotics.

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Article from this week’s scumbag of the week award referencing training in China for handling corruption scandals:…

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