Welcome to Dystopia Episode 7: Buckle Your Safety Belts! Volatility is back!

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Welcome to Dystopia with Eric Dubin


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Jason Burack and Eric Dubin return for Episode 7 of the new Welcome to Dystopia podcast.

In this podcast, they talk extensively about market volatility reappearing in stocks after almost no volatility for the last few years.

Jason and Eric discuss how all the major economies in the world are trying to manage or manipulate important markets.

The stock market, the oil market and the gold and silver markets are discussed.

With this increased intervention, Jason reads his “3 Most Important Rules for Investing in the New Normal” and how much rules changes going forward are going to be a difficult part to figure out.

Next, Jason and Eric talk about the gold and silver mining sector and how there’s a new article out talking about the cost of gold miners and why it’s not an accurate picture of the industry since the cyclical bear market for gold and silver (manipulated) started in 2011.

Scumbag of the Week Nominees:

1) Former Subway sandwich pitch man and pervert/child porn aficionado, Jared Fogle…

2) Government agencies and law enforcement practicing totally unjustified civil forfeiture…

3) Oligarch and president of the Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko breaks a key part of the Minsk II “peace treaty.” See:

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